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We listen to you

Sure, everyone says that, but we really do. You’re much more interesting than us and the bottom line is, we exist because you use our services. So no more namby-pamby clever talk, we put your interests first and foremost, that’s it.

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Our approach is about getting you noticed.

We create videos that grab attention quickly, engage with a compelling story and generally end with a call to action. Video today is about originality and authenticity, talking about your company or organisation in a fresh and honest tone which connects at an emotional level with the audience.

Go Vocal Video Ltd was founded in 2015 and is run by partners Paul Gibson and Simon Hagan. We are based in Cambridge and cover the UK and beyond.

Simon (a bit nerdy, but he grows on you) has been creating business videos for major companies and organisations since the 80’s and Paul (think Flash Harry with a better fitting suit) has many years of experience in media management and business development. This means we can assess your business aims with both a background knowledge drawn from first hand experience, as well as a strong feel for what does and doesn’t work.

A return on your investment is paramount to our preparation and execution.

Talk to us, we are sitting by the phone right now waiting to hear from you. (Although it’s probably best to call Paul, as Simon doesn’t always answer – he’s a bit shy like that.)

We will listen, act and make good on our promises.

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