"90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process"

(Source: Hubspot)

Video is the next best thing to standing in front of your potential customers. With a well-made product video you can have your shop-window on display 24/7. You can either choose the direct method of speaking to people, show the product in use, or get your customers to spread the good news.

Selling: it’s as easy as ABC




So you want to sell things, get that revenue trend sizzling upwards, video is an ideal tool to get to your target audience with a strong and compelling message? Although the result you want is obvious it doesn’t need to be too in your face or front and centre.

Remember to:

  • Build INTEREST
  • Inflame DESIRE
  • And get them to ACT

Five steps to a successful SALES video

1. You have 15 seconds or so to get them into what you have to offer, so make an intriguing.
Short attention rule these days so don’t hang around being moody and mysterious!

2. Have an offer or a hook, think about the viewer – what will inspire them to act?
Maybe 20% off for a limited time frame or a free offer. Something that gets them to act now!

3. Keep the messaging simple.
It is an attraction to squeeze a lot of information into a short timescale, but that can be confusing for the viewer. You are often talking to a niche audience, focus on what they want and give it to them.

4. Be funny!
Humour engages well and makes it more memorable, just make sure it is funny rather than, you know, not.

And finally;
5. It’s a video so show it off!
Get the product front and centre or show the service in operation.

No, this is the final bit…

Can I just add that a HUGE positive that should be built into your film, is someone else saying that you’re great. Testimonial type films are one of the most successful types of video in the Universe. A happy customer who looks and sounds natural is a big advantage to your sales outcome

Want your revenues to grow? Go video!

So why use Go Vocal Media?

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What’s not to like?

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