“85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound”

Video Subtitles

Subtitles are an important part of getting your message heard in a world where multiple content is vying for attention

Subtitles are great for:

  • People with their sound muted.
    A great way to engage people and encourage them to turn up the volume to watch the video in full
  • People who are deaf and hard of hearing.
    You could be missing out on a whole section of your audience.
  • Foreign language translations.
    You can make a range of different language translations available to reach an international audience.
  • SEO.
    Used correctly, subtitles provide an SEO advantage for those searching for the content of your videos
Transcription: creating subtitles will require a transcript of your video. If you don’t have this, we can create one for you. Unlike the automated transcripts found on some platforms, our transcripts are checked and formatted by a human to ensure they’re accurate and easy to read.

We offer two types of subtitles - “burnt-in” or “SRT”

The most common type, taking the form of a special text file called an SRT file. This text file is uploaded along with your video and the subtitles then appear superimposed in time with the speech. The user can turn them on and off and also choose from different languages if they’re available.

Try this out on the example video opposite, by clicking on the CC button and choosing an option.

The subtitles are a permanent part of the video, encoded into the picture. If you need your video without subtitles, you’ll need to order an alternative version.

This works well if you want to make sure the video is always viewed with subtitles, or if you’re concerned the viewer may not know how to turn the subtitles on. You also have much more control over the subtitle position.