Hosting Your Video


Examples in the video above of email turnstiles, annotations and calls-to-action – go ahead:click some buttons. See what happens!

YouTube certainly works well if you simply want it to be found in searches. But there are much more proactive ways to distribute your video than simply waiting for people to find it.

When you upload your video to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc – that platform is referred to as the host. It stands to reason that uploading your video to a single host, then linking to it from there can save a lot of work and give you much more power of its implementation.

And, let’s face it who has time to manage videos, make them SEO friendly and analyse stats – much better to have someone else keep an eye on it for you.

The hosting option we offer is powered by the premium hosting supplier Wistia. The package offers a number of advantages:

  • Complete ownership: you can choose where your video is seen and how it’s presented. Whether embedded on your site, or within an email campaign you have complete control and there are no random ads or suggestions.
  • No hassle updates: with your video in one place, we can easily update it for you without you having to re-upload it. The links will remain the same and all embeds will be updated in one simple step.
  • Professional appearance: We can change the colour of the player to match your brand and web page, add/remove player controls, choose a custom thumbnail, enable selected sharing options for viewers.
  • Advanced analytics: Wistia provides superior video analytics where you can view audience engagement, results of your timeline actions like clickable links and viewer specific heat maps. Viewers who have chosen to submit their email address will also be identifiable.
  • Company firewalls: Many company firewalls block free video hosts like YouTube. When sending your sales leads a promotional video, this is certainly something you want to avoid.