Video shows who you are and what you do

Filming completed after a long day at Ivett & Reed…  If you live in Cambridge and drive along Newmarket Road, you may have noticed their small and unassuming shop-front. The one with memorial stones in the window?  Except there’s so much more to this business than meets the eye.

Ivett & Reed are keen to get more people to pop in and see what they’re about, so they commissioned some new promotional tools, including a video.   The small front building hides a genuinely vast range of products made from real stone – worktops, fireplaces and – yes, memorial stones.  And it extends even further into a huge workshop at the back, where vast rocks brought in from quarries around the world are hewn into lovely smooth things for our homes.

As so often happens when we film in an interesting business like this one, there are several documentaries’ worth of stories to be told on this location.  Memorial stone engravings are made through a combination of digital printing and sandblasting these days – you can even add a picture of your loved one.  However, the more traditional methods are also still used and we saw a large stone where the letters were being painstakingly created by hand, as a special project.   They take orders from all round the country and are making around 20-30 stones a week.

We felt it was best for the friendly staff to tell their own story, although initially they showed some reticence to be interviewed.  However, with some gentle encouragement, we found them all relaxed and chatty, with plenty to say and we have a good stock of material to create an engaging 3 minute film.    The vastness of the site, will be highlighted by some additional drone footage which we will be filming shortly, so once this has been done, the edit will begin.