9 questions you need to answer in your business video

video content

The importance of video content cannot be underestimated. Making a video without preparation is like publishing a book without a story, making a journey without a map or writing a sentence without an…

Yes, of course improvisation can work, but a plan of the required outcome is a necessity. So we are back to… “What do I say and show and how do I make it interesting”?

It is true that most people will want to get to know you quickly; attention spans are short leading to a limited amount of time you have to impress. What you offer and how you are different must be upfront. The days of long drawn-out sweeping intro shots of company head offices or car parks are not going hold your audience in place until you decide to release the good bits! Start with content that intrigues and engages. The viewer wants to know how you will improve their life.

Whether you tell or sell by showing or saying, it is crucial to be clear on what questions you are answering.

9 questions to consider when making a film that explains you and your service:

  1. What problems do you solve for your clients?
  2. If not an existing problem solved, how do you make life better?
  3. Give an example of how you have helped a client/s?
  4. How is what you offer unique?
  5. Why would someone switch and/or try you out?
  6. What made you start (be involved in) the company? Was it a gap in market or maybe your unique experiences or ideas?
  7. What new products do you have to offer (and how long for)?
  8. What message do you have for someone looking for?
  9. What do you want them to do now? Make a call to action (get in touch, go to your website, book an appointment)?

 And remember, when taking your opening shot, aim between the eyes…if you want professional help with your video please get in touch