Here’s why you NEED a video

Yesterday a good friend told me, ‘I like meeting people and relationships grow my business’. He networks the life out of his local area and is very good at it, but there is only one of him and he also runs his company. Time is precious.  His website is good but full of words and beautifully shot stills, no videos. Outrageous! I told him in no uncertain terms; making a company video for your website grows your audience, gets you known and develops your business.

Close your eyes and think back 20 years or so… People were debating whether they needed a website, now the same conversations are taking place about video.

Allow me to put forward just a few points from my side of this debate:

  • Video on your website brings your business to life.
  • People can meet you 24/7. You and your company become known, familiar.
  • You can have your current customers say why you are so great, on film, very powerful for getting new business.
  • You can show your audience useful tips about your speciality (everyone likes a free tip). Become a well-known expert in your field. Huge credibility lift.
  • There is an unstoppable move towards – Watch Don’t Read. By 2017, 80% of Internet traffic will be video only.
  • Google love video, they own YouTube. They also look for them in websites and that pushes you up the rankings.
  • Moving pictures engage people (see social media).
  • You can also use video to recruit staff. Show potential candidates what a wonderful place it is to work, the atmosphere and your team.
  • Get into video before your competitors do.

Let me finish by saying that I agree that a poorly executed video can be a turn off, I have seen some shockers. A sweeping shot of your car park or a close up of your carrier bags will not spin you into a viral orbit. The first 10 seconds are all you have to grab viewers attention. A few tips – keep it short, edit many times and use graphics.

If you stand still, people run past you. Get in motion.