Video, it’s what your audience want

What’s on the box? What’s a box?

This is hard to admit but when I was younger, everyone watched one of four channels. We went to school on Monday and discussed what had been on Saturday night’s TV in the sure knowledge that most of our classmates would have seen the same thing. Now is not the same. The choice is wide and varied, 4 channels? 400 more like!

Youtube, Netflix, hulu, Amazon, Vudu and the rest gives the viewer what they want when they want it: online and on demand. It’s what people expect and so it is what they get. Video is growing big time, it’s how people absorb information quickly and easily. No waiting for schedules to start (unless it’s live sport, but even a match will often switch time to suit the viewer). Marketing is no different, the demand for knowledge grows daily and the preferred method of receiving messages is video. Your audience prefer to get to know you via moving pictures, not stills or words.

Video is the expected method of communication; it makes it easy and quick to understand your proposition. Surfers of sites will quickly take to a thing to watch, not a thing to read. Give yourself the best chance of converting visitors to your site to customers of your business. You have worked hard to get them there. According Comscore, browsers stay on your website 2 minutes longer if you have a video and their propensity to buy increases by 64%.

It compelling stuff and it is important that you are not left behind. In the words of the dearly departed football commentator Brian Moore, it’s not what’s on the box; you’ve got to be ’On the Ball’.