Animation – free to create your own reality

You can use animation to make a boring subject more interesting, to help visualize an abstract idea or location and to create an explainer video for your latest service.

Animation is a wide area, but here are a few broad styles you might consider using:

    1. 3D animation. Photorealistic simulations and animations of the internals of machinery. Fly-overs and fly-throughs of buildings and landscapes with absolute precision movement. Lively cartoon style character animations that exist in 3D space.
    2. 2D animation. Flatter, more traditional style cartoons which have the appearance of being drawings or cut-outs. Stylised characters and environments with music and voice-over.
    3. Existing graphics brought to life. Animation kept simple. Objects and cut-outs moving around to create something more lively than stills. Archive stills brought to life with simple movement. Stills animated to zoom in or create simulated action within the picture. Animated logo treatments.

Remember: don’t make the mistake of seeing animation as a cheap option to replace live filming. This won’t necessarily be the case. Good animation takes time and planning, but the results will be definitely worthwhile.