Case study videos grab your audience’s attention with an engaging story.

A few ideas on coming up with case study videos:

  1. Bring it to life. If you’re telling the story of something that’s already happened, you can create mock-ups of different events and underpin these with accounts from the people involved. It’s an engaging format, often used in documentaries to great effect.
  2. Think about what material you already have. Do you have a folder full of stills, time-lapse footage or iPhone clips? It may be that these can be woven together into a great story, along with some interviews, with minimal new filming.
  3. Be in the moment – don’t take what you do for granted. Many businesses are used to the rhythm of daily business and possibly don’t see great stories staring them in the face. Why not tie your story in with traditional periods like Christmas, summer and so on? This makes great material for sharing on social media and offers new angles to publicise your business throughout the year.

And try to avoid these common pitfalls:

Too much information! Go light on the facts and figures. The best stories are simple and show a certain truth.

Underestimating the intelligence of your audience. When you’re telling a story, honesty is the best policy and people will appreciate your frankness.

No story. Not sure if you’ve got a story? It’s a simple matter of a beginning, middle and end. In it’s simplest form: describe the problem, tell how you solved it, describe the impact of your actions on the world.