A company video – your chance to stand up and be counted

Here are a few ideas to consider when coming up with your company video:

  1. Keep it snappy. Business videos on the web tend to lose their audience after 3 minutes – even less, if your information isn’t engaging. Think in terms of making an impact rather than listing every product or service you offer.
  2. Keep it real. People buy people. Potential clients want to see who you are and whether you are someone they can do business with. Be candid and spontaneous when showing what you do. Maybe even include out-takes from the filming.
  3. Tell a story. Stories are a great way to engage people to watch for longer. What’s your company biggest achievement? What happens behind the scenes? How did your company get to where it is today? If these are interesting stories, you could lead with these and hang other facts and figures onto it.
  4. Multiple videos instead of one. Consider integrating your company video with your website by splitting it up into smaller videos on each page – a video to hook them on the front page perhaps and others going into detail about the different areas of your business. It takes more planning, but the power of video is then spread throughout your site, rather than just on the landing page.

You might want to watch out for these common mistakes:

Wide or badly defined target audience. Videos are much more powerful if you know your target audience and create the film that will appeal to them.

Interviews for the sake of it. Interviews are really useful in a company video, but put some thought into why you are asking the questions you are asking. How do they contribute to the overall story you are telling?

Sloppy start. There’s lots to look at on the internet. If you don’t hook your audience in the first 15 seconds, you might as well forget the rest of the film. Your CEO might be amazing at his job, but is he the best person to start the video with?