New angles on your familiar world

Aerial photography lends grandeur and magnificence to a property video and can allow you to show your office building in its true splendour.

When drones first came on the scene, people were flying them anywhere and everywhere, but increasingly, the legislation around drones is being tightened to protect people’s safety and privacy.

Ideally, you should use a qualified and experienced drone pilot for your drone filming. They will know the requirements regarding permissions, safety and insurance. Generally speaking, you have relative freedom when flying drones on private property at lower heights. Higher up and over public property, you will need to liaise with the relevant air traffic control agencies.

Some thoughts to bear in mind:

High aerial shots are great, but drones can create drama at relatively low height, flying through gateways and near to buildings and even inside with some smaller drones.

Think about what higher shots will reveal about what you’re showing. You might think it’s a great idea to film your property from high up, but will the shots be spoilt by the view of the waste ground next door?

Consider the weather. For most promotional shots, a dim day will have dim results. Try to time your drone filming for a good time of year for best results.