Getting more value out your investment in events with an event video

Here are some ideas on how you could use video at your events.

  1. Make it inclusive. Use video to make sure those who couldn’t make it don’t feel left out.  If you’re feeling bold, you can do some live streaming and live link-ups, or record speakers and happenings to put them on a website for later viewing.
  2. Promote your company. Why keep your carefully prepared events to yourself?   An event video might be an opportunity to show your authority in a subject area and spread your influence.   Make an upbeat short video that talks about the issues and share it on social media as a news item about your company.
  3. Tell a story. Some events videos can seem generic and general.  Why not follow someone who is a key speaker, or a key exhibitor and witness the event through the ups and downs of their day.   Everyone loves a good story and seeing real people confronting and solving problems is really engaging.

And try to avoid these common pitfalls....

Don’t film everything just for the sake of it.  Think about the people who will watch your event videos.  Are your presentations compelling enough to transfer in their entirety to a video screen or would edited highlights create more impact?

Free up your film-crew to capture the spirit of the event rather than the entire content.  They’ll be able to move around and get more dynamic angles which capture the excitement rather than a literal record of what was said.

If you’re doing interviews, make sure you allow enough time.  It’s tempting to think people can be nabbed during the coffee break, but it can take longer than you think.  Help the film-crew by lining people up for them to speak to.