For charities and non-profits, video gets you heard

For the non-profit sector, video can be an efficient tool for spreading the word and raising support. And often, because of the nature of their work the stories people have to tell can be truly compelling.

Here are some of the things we have learnt while working with charities and non-profits over the years:

  1. Stories are best. The beneficiaries of charities are often those who have experienced hardship or challenges in their life. Sharing these stories is a great way to show how the charity is making a difference to real people.
  2. Keep it real. Charities and non-profits are generally people focussed so let that come across in your video. Provide a platform that allows people to act naturally and speak from the heart.
  3. Fools rush in. If you’re including interviews about sensitive subjects, make sure you’re working with a production company who is experienced in dealing with sensitive situations and taking care of people during interviews (yes, that’s us in case you were wondering). Some of the places we’ve filmed include hospital wards, prisons, GP and dental surgeries and operating theatres.

And don't forget these humdingers…

Get consent. Make sure you get proper written consent from interviewees for their involvement in your film – particularly any of a sensitive nature – we can supply the necessary forms.

Keep it simple. A video production does not have to be a large undertaking – a simple but creative approach can be just as effective in getting your message across.

Call to action. Don’t forget a clear call to action at the end of the video. You can even include direct links to an online donation site so the people can easily contribute to your cause, if that’s your aim.