Recruitment videos help you find your stars of the future.

Using film is a powerful way to promote your brand, advertise roles and, most importantly, show potential candidates who you are and what you stand for. And the great thing is: Viewers watching moving pictures will remember 95% of the content, compared to 10% for words and stills (Wirebuzz 2017).

It works because:

  1. Potential candidates will understand the culture of the company. They will get to see colleagues, peers and senior team and see the environment they may work in and understand the various policies and processes.
  2. You will reach and keep a larger audience, through social media, emails and your website. The candidates will get to know who you are and what you do, quickly. Your film will get shared – films are 1200% more likely to be passed on than text and photos, thereby raising your appeal and profile. And importantly, you can save money by using film to short-cut the traditional methods of communication and marketing.
  3. Candidates and YOU will have a chance to work out whether the FIT is real. Potential new recruits will see, hear and feel the pulse of what it is like to be part of your team.

So 3 steps to recruitment video heaven:

  1. When you have a vacancy, work out who you want: what are their skills and personality?
  2. Make a professional, honest film that shows the people, place and culture
  3. Show the film through the relevant channels (we can help here) to engage with potential candidates.

A film can deliver the right people, who fit and don’t take flight.

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