A video to show the world Madingley Hall, Cambridge

Just lately we’ve been enjoying the chance to get to know our regular hang-out at Madingley Hall a bit better..

We’ve been commissioned to make a series of promotional films to show off their conference, event and accommodation services. To be honest, we were a little reticent to spread the word, because this 16th Century Manor House a few miles west of Cambridge is one of its best kept secrets – a quiet and thoughtful enclave away from the urban noise – and therefore ideal for filming interviews, which we have done with our “Talking Heads” videos over the last year.

Of course, many of you may be more familiar with its role as home to the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education.

Unlike many buildings of this type, there’s a sort of casualness to its grandeur, which creates a unique atmosphere. Ancient portraits of long forgotten noblemen nestle next to a mobile phone charger and unopened mail on the mantelpiece in reception. Tight little staircases constantly appear, spiralling off into yet another hidden room, while random landings appear to lead to nowhere.

And yes, apparently there is a ghost who one night removed all the books from one of the shelves in the library in an apparent fit of fury. Well, it can be annoying when you can’t find your latest novel just when you were getting to the exciting bit…

We’ve yet to find out if our equipment will reveal semi-transparent cod-pieced figures wavering in the background. But we’ve certainly covered a lot of ground, making use of HD cameras, time-lapse, gimbals and drones to try and capture the essence of this unique location.

The finished films are scheduled for release in November.