How do I prepare for a video interview?

video interview

The truth is: you don’t!

Understandably, people are nervous about being interviewed on camera.  In fact, if you are currently running for prime minister and you’re about to interviewed by Jon Snow live on Channel 4 about NHS job cuts, well, yes – you SHOULD be nervous.  But if it’s an interview about your company for a promotional video – just relax.  Deep down, you know your stuff and any good interviewer will help you ease into it and simply talk.

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Video, it’s what your audience want

What’s on the box? What’s a box?

This is hard to admit but when I was younger, everyone watched one of four channels. We went to school on Monday and discussed what had been on Saturday night’s TV in the sure knowledge that most of our classmates would have seen the same thing. Now is not the same. The choice is wide and varied, 4 channels? 400 more like! Continue reading “Video, it’s what your audience want”