Here’s how to get people to watch your video

Visible Measures (and many others) say that you only have 10 seconds before some viewers click-off your video and go elsewhere. 10 seconds and they could exit stage left to the watch other stuff that’s more entertaining, more exciting, more interesting and more gripping.

I remember a Steven Spielberg interview in the 1980’s, he was talking about the importance of getting hold of your audience early and don’t let them go. Who can forget the start of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indie was in a right pickle – spiders, snakes and rolling rocks. I was hooked!

When making your videos, grabbing attention within the first 10 seconds is crucial. Start with a hook, a BIG question, a dilemma or a BANG, a BIG BANG.

I have seen animated titles and grand, sweeping web addresses before there’s any ‘content’. A new client said to me ‘Video doesn’t work’. Wrong! Her video didn’t work and on viewing the start it was easy to see why. There was no BANG, in fact there was barely a whimper during the first 30 seconds. Its only value was helping the viewer fall asleep.

Get a video on your website, that is a no brainer, but treat your audience to a well-constructed film and/or a short sharp message. Make a long epic with a drawn out beginning and your audience will be ‘Gone with the Wind’.