Engage with your time starved audience, through video

A great quote from Justin Cooke creator of Tunepics: “The only thing you can’t buy is people’s time, if you want to build a brand you need to connect with people”.

Now apart from helping your audience find your website (google loves video) once they are there, on average, they will spend 2 minutes longer browsing YOU – if you have a video.

And one of the most effective uses of video is a testimonial from your clients. This will help get new customers and reassure existing clients they are doing the right thing by sticking with you. And in the furious chase to get new business, it is crucial to remember to hug your long-stay lovelies. Video will shore-up their positive perception of you and re-enforce their reason for buying.

It is incredible to think what video can do for your website, however too many stats make for a boring blog…. but one last juicy one; ‘Viewers propensity to buy is 64% higher after they watch a video’ (Comscore).

Video is now not just a film; it is where the market is. Make sure you pitch up your stall.