Filming under social distancing rules

filming with a facemask

With the world starting to move on from Covid 19, Go Vocal Video continue to offer social distancing compliant filming.

Video as ever is a great tool for communicating to the masses. You may be a venue or restaurant wanting to reassure potential customers about your social distancing measures. Or perhaps you need to publicise an adaptation of your services, or memorialise your company’s coming together in the face of the virus.

The safety measures we are taking are:

1. One-man film crews only, with essential kit
2. Hand sanitiser will be carried as part of the kit and used frequently
3. All interviews to be carried out at a minimum distance of 2 metres and outside if possible. To avoid contact a stand mic will be used in preference to radio mics or lapel mics.
4. For all indoor filming the cameraman will wear a facemask and avoid, as far as possible, touching any doors or surfaces. Social distancing will be maintained as far as possible.

Video is the ultimate remote communication tool, as the lockdown has proven. If you need to create videos in a socially responsible manner get in touch on 01223 351 320 or

socially distanced filming