You CAN make a video, and win business

“I can’t make a marketing video because I don’t want to be on camera”. Well that’s a little negative now isn’t it? The ‘potential victim’ is suffering from a possible nerve attack, a dose of the self-deprecations or a huge, full frontal dollop of denial, ‘Oh, it’s just not me…..darling’.

This state of mind can be a real blocker when considering a video marketing strategy for a company, especially when ‘tutorial’ and ‘about us’ films are being considered.

If this is you (or you have friends who need wise words…), here are a few things to ponder:

  • Even if you are THE personality of the company, can your staff and more importantly your customers do it for you? Many are happy to ‘be in the movies’ they just need asking and testimonial videos are amongst the most successful on the Internet. (89% effectiveness according to WebDAM).
  • Your voice may well be enough. Clever story development and camera work, i.e. shots of your product, shop, service, staff, clients and/or animation can ensure you avoid the cameras wary gaze altogether.
  • You can just do a sensational voice over… or we can!
  • ‘Give it a go’. You might just like it. Many of our nervous customers turn into superstars once they realise they can relax, it’s not live and if they don’t like it we can do it again. Our experienced team can help you smile confidentially even when you want to put a paper bag over your head (but we will have one with us just in case).

I saw a great quote the other day, WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WEREN’T AFRAID? Nerves are totally understandable but hopefully not a blocker to your success, which is exactly what video marketing will help you achieve.