Self-isolation doesn’t have to mean no communication

In times like these, the need to remain connected is more important than ever. While we need to keep our distance physically, the world must go on and we still need to get messages and out to clients and staff. If you have a story to tell, or a message to deliver, how about considering one of these:

1. Stock shot videos: The availability of a wide range of stock footage means powerful films can be made on almost any subject without lifting a camera. Stock shots can be gathered and customised to your particular message. You could even put it alongside a voice-over from one of your managers, to give it an extra personal touch.

2. Animation: Animation is a lively and upbeat way to communicate without involving people and our animation and editing facilities are fully operational during this period. Instructional films, safety tips or staff engagement and motivation are all subjects that work well using animation.

3. Self-filming: You need your people to pull together now more than ever, but with everyone spread out, it’s difficult. We can help you remotely, to film a simple message – either on your own camera, your smartphone or on a video conferencing app. This can then be put to music, cut together with stock shots or footage that we already have on file, to create an amazing, team-building film.

Or why not get your people to film their own pieces to camera and bring them together in a unified story? We can take their different contributions and combine them in a powerful show of unity.

Sooner or later the world will be back to normal. However, in the meantime there’s an opportunity to capture the best of these times and create unique connections that will stay in the memory forever.