How long should my video be? Not too long!

People ask me, how long should their website video be to explain what they can do for their customers?

Now in this era of ‘more-for-less please’ there is a tendency to want a ‘long-one’. Get your monies worth with an epic production that fully covers all aspects and demonstrates just what a genius business the viewer is watching. ‘Vanity? Surely not’! The viewer is bound to be keen to wade through a beautifully crafted 7 minute slab of pure ‘you’. Never mind the edits, look at the length of it!!

Now to be brief, NO! Keep it pithy (is that still a word?). Attention spans are shortening; many of you will have stopped reading this by now and wander off to watch a cat make circular motions with it’s head while watching a washing machine. But for those of you who are still with me I say this: Long, bad. Short, good.

4 key tips:

  • Work out why you want to make a video and how you can best summarise what you want to say…we haven’t go all day! (remember to focus the content at the person who you want to watch the video and how you want them to react).
  • The first 10 seconds are crucial to gain interest and get them hooked! Say or show something compelling, intriguing or darn right outrageous to the viewer…or they are off….
  • Edit, edit, edit early.  I am generalising here but it’s my post…
  • Finally, before you lump it up there for the whole world to see, test it on your colleagues and (honest and blunt) friends, see if they fall asleep. Then wake them up, ask their opinion and listen to what they have to say. Alter the video if you think you need to, but if your gut says go, do it!

In summary, up to 3 minutes as long as it’s absolutely brilliant, up to 2 minutes is plenty.