What should I put in my business video?

Most of us know the importance of video as a means of raising your business profile. But where do you start?
What are the ingredients that will make your business video zing and achieve some real traction in the market?

If you’re struggling to think of why anyone would bother to watch a video about you and your business, here are 6 creative ideas to help you get excited about the amazing communication tool that is video.

1. Stories about what you and your clients do

Life daily offers up random events that we can organise into engaging stories. Tell the story of your last great project, making sure you have a good beginning, middle and end. Beginning – how you got the work over the competition. Middle – how you carried out the work with great expertise and skills and End – how overjoyed the client was with what you did for them. Potential clients can then see clearly the difference you’re making in the world and be tempted to get in on the action.

This film for law firm Tees, shows how an engaging story can demonstrate what you do for clients.

2. Client testimonials

Client testimonials are like gold dust. These can actually tip the teetering buyer on the brink into a phone call. If they look genuine and spontaneous, all the better. There’s no better endorsement for your services and products than satisfied customers.

Here’s an example of client recommendation in action for Factotum call management services.

3. Real-life

Nowadays, the best businesses are expected to be candid and open and video is a fantastic vehicle for spontaneity. Not only is it fun to watch, it shows you and your people as authentic and real and, as we know, “people buy people”. Witness the continuing popularity of reality television. So why not make a behind the scenes video? Get a film-crew to follow you round and film what you do and how you do it. Even keep in the mistakes and out-takes. Then cut it down into a snappy video and you have something unique and appealing that will show people who you really are.

This film is a behind the scenes view of the work day of Beth, photographer for Michael Graham Estate Agents and shows how a natural style of film about one part of the business can help promote your company values.

4. Human interaction

Sometimes a simple overheard conversation can be enough to create content for a video. Imagine a natural and relaxed conversation between two colleagues about why they love what they do and what they get out of it. Sure, there might be stilted parts to the conversation, but that’s what editing is for. It’s actually entertaining to watch two people talk sincerely about something they care about and, what’s more, you get to see how they relate to others and what kind of people they really are.

Another example here from Michael Graham shows how combining a series of informal conversations can really show the passion of your people for what they do.

5. Explainer videos

Do you think your business would benefit from a clearer understanding of what you do and how you do it? In particular, there are some businesses that can be quite technical that would benefit from a more human face. By using the power of video to explain your work to clients – potential and existing – you can provide them with a more robust appreciation of what you do for them every day.

This film for the Chartered Institue of Patent Attorneys shows how you can bring an abstract service to life, by focusing on the results of what you do.

6. Event films that embody your organisation’s values

Event videos don’t have to be just about recording or promoting the event itself. The best events are designed around your business aims and strategies. So what better opportunity to make a video aimed at an external audience that promotes your company and its vision, with brief, upbeat interviews with enthusiastic delegates, visuals of people connecting and enjoying themselves and your brand at the centre of it all.

This event film for CIPD not only acts as a record of the event itself, but also captures some of the passion behind the issues discussed, which reflects positively on the work of the organisation as a whole.